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     I come from a very traditional family with very traditional ways.  Thus, we dined yesterday at noon on very traditional Easter steaks.  Nothin’ odd about that right? No eggs hidden, no candy given, no nothin’ nothin'd.       I hit the first milestone of the comic I’m working on for Old World Comics.  I am the artist for the The Powers that Be and I just finished the pencils for issue three.  I’ve still got to get a few pages approved, but after that, it’s off to inking and coloring.  Old World has some sample pages up on the site from issues one and two.  You should check them out.
     This week’s been Pokélicious.  Some folks at the pizzeria and I are getting something like a second wind with the video game series.  I’m working on Pokémon Crystal myself, and you can follow my Twitter account to get updates and Pokémon related illustrations sent right to you. Exhilarating, huh?  You'll also get to enjoy my drawing at work series.  It’s just another cool thing I like to offer outside of this page.  Just click that little bird there.

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     This kind of shit can stop anytime now.  You people who text, take calls, E-mail, whatever during a film in the theater, you know who you are.  Now, cut it the hell out!  You make a poor example of us all, and when the aliens come and judge our culture, choosing to destroy our planet – like the Death Star did Alderaan – on account of our inconsiderate behavior, I’m blaming you.
     Today’s strip is based on a single-panel I made near the end of 2008, rightly titled “Things that Make me Feel Smart #1”.  The assumed series to follow it, however, never turned up.  Perhaps this will be a recurring Coin Collection title.  To find out, I guess we’ll just have to wait until more human beings make me a genius by comparison.
     Here’s something new.  Coin Collection has joined Twitter.  You ought to click that little bird at the bottom of this post and follow @Coin_Collection.  Give me a good reason to tweet, ya know?  I’d like to get a chance to connect with you guys.  Find out about the comic book I’m currently illustrating for Old World Comics and news about the strip and the site.  Also, there’s always the Coin Collection page waiting for you on Facebook.  That’s the other link at the bottom of this post.
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     Ta-da!  The girl from the bar developed way back in November has finally got a name!
     Ah, snail-mail; just kind of makes you feel good, doesn't it?  It does me anyways, except for the ideas that another human being had to make out with an adhesive strip in order to keep the envelope shut, the same adhesive strip that I've now got to wrench my finger through to reveal the mystery shrouded in paper encapsulation.  It's rusticity circa whatever year we all got E-mail addresses in the '90s.
     Actually, it's nice to get E-mails these days, real E-mails, not coupons from Arby's, YouTube subscription updates, or the last will and testament of my aged and wealthy uncle on this deathbed in Botswana; the poor guy would feel so much better if he could just get my credit card number.  Maybe it's just me, but the E-mails I get that are written by real people taking the time to articulate a message to another real person have become a rare joy. It's almost as nice as busting open one of those medieval envelopes.

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So begins the first ever Coin-Collection story arc.  I promise it's not all going to be about grammar. 
This is, yet again, another movie no one seems to want to watch with me.  People have got no taste, I'm tellin' ya!  I did end up seeing "Buried" a few weeks ago, and it was better that I thought it would be.