Coin Collection

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     I come from a very traditional family with very traditional ways.  Thus, we dined yesterday at noon on very traditional Easter steaks.  Nothin’ odd about that right? No eggs hidden, no candy given, no nothin’ nothin'd.       I hit the first milestone of the comic I’m working on for Old World Comics.  I am the artist for the The Powers that Be and I just finished the pencils for issue three.  I’ve still got to get a few pages approved, but after that, it’s off to inking and coloring.  Old World has some sample pages up on the site from issues one and two.  You should check them out.
     This week’s been Pokélicious.  Some folks at the pizzeria and I are getting something like a second wind with the video game series.  I’m working on Pokémon Crystal myself, and you can follow my Twitter account to get updates and Pokémon related illustrations sent right to you. Exhilarating, huh?  You'll also get to enjoy my drawing at work series.  It’s just another cool thing I like to offer outside of this page.  Just click that little bird there.