Coin Collection

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This strip was arrived at in sort of a unique way.  It started as a strip about "Your Highness", but had a poor punch in the third panel.  I had a third panel for a "Thor" strip, but no interesting way to build up to it.  So I mixed the two strips together.  It may be a little much for one strip, but I justify the referencing of two films with the serendipitous realization that Natalie Portman stars in each film.  With all the acting she's been doing recently, I guess the chances of that happening were high.  Name a movie she isn't in right now.  Ya can't do it.
5/16/2011 05:55:48 am

All I see is Thor, dude! Hammerlicious! (Is that too gay? Can I still ask that and remain politically correct? Damn ... what would Thor do?)


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