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     Coolest mother's day ever yesterday.  Had some Arby's for lunch; then we checked out "Thor".  I find myself to be at a loss when I try to figure out the thought process behind scheduling the release date for this movie.  Thor's a huge dude who beats his enemies with a sledge hammer.  Doesn't quite sound like mother's day weekend is the optimal weekend for his film's release.  Still, the flick's good; not a must-see, but definitely a should-see.  The story is simple, but it's exactly as good as I needed it to be.  It was strange how they used kind of a comedy twist without making a it hokey and failing super-hero film expectations – like the Iron Man 2 train wreck.  The way that Thor defeats Loki is hilarious (that's not a spoiler; you knew Thor was gunna win).  Just shows how little a chance he stood against his brother.  The further I get from the movie, the more I like it, but still, I gotta say it:  the movie could have benefitted from a few thousand more Dutch angles.  They were like "Star Trek" lens flares, only not awesome.  Will someone keep a tally on the Dutch angles for me when they see this movie?  Take two pens; you may run out of ink.
     Also, there was a trailer for a film with the ridiculous title "Cowboy Vs. Aliens".  It looks ridiculously good.

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