Coin Collection

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     Before Captain America started yesterday, there was an ad for the new Thunder Cats television series.  The ad featured the old crew redesigned in Flash animation.  I was upset to see my favourite childhood show remade with what has become typical Cartoon Network animation, and I said I wouldn't watch it.  Today, while looking for info to help me bash it, I came across the kinds of trailers they ought to have shown:  the ones with footage from the actual show.  It looks awesome!  I was pleased to find that the voice of Lion-O from the original series with be voicing Lion-O's father in the new series.  I'm confused as to what Slythe and Mumm-Ra are doing on an the undistroyed planet Thundera, home of the young adult Prince Lion-O.  I guess if their going to get the location of characters and the status of planets wrong, they can get some characters' ages wrong too.  Anyways, I admit it.  I wish I had television.
     Also, my wife bought me a gift the other day.  In the card she said she didn't know if I'd like it, and I had seven days to return it; that might even be enough time to play and finish the game, she wrote.  The game is Final Fantasy XIII.  FFXIII in seven days?  Yeah, right.

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