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"Kung Fu Kid" does have a nice ring to it.  It could have worked.  It's still a fun movie based off of a much better movie with interesting characters doing mimicries of classic characters we already have affinity with.  Whatever, in another sixteen years, we'll probably all be flocking to theaters when they do make "The Kung Fu Kid".
I hope we'll see "The Wrestling Rascal" before then.  A young teen finds himself the victim of John Cena's bullying.  His only hope to live a fear-free life lies in Hulk Hogan.  He will teach the boy "real" wrestling.  "No, no, no, brother.  You're trying to really hurt your opponent.  The trick is to make it somewhat look like you kind of hit him, maybe, if the camera had been at the right angle."  And though John Cena "does" break the rascal's leg in the second to last round, the youth manages to climb the ropes and land a decisive, awe inspiring "People's Elbow" in a cage match that will be remembered for generations.

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