Coin Collection

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     This semester of school is done and over with.  I can't wait for the fall semester when I get to start building and animating characters.  I've got a few ideas running through my head as to what kinds of characters I want to make.  I'm also thinking of making a Coin Collection animated series, but that's still far off.
     In the mean time, during this break, I'll be playing as many video games as I can.  I tried Sword of Mana, but wasn't impressed.  Force Unleashed was cool, and I have part two waiting for me.  Now I'm playing FFVII Crisis Core, and I'd like to get some LittleBig Planet in as well.  If you're wondering, Mortal Kombat will not be one of my summer games.
     To conclude, I think I'll share that listening to the Mortal Kombat theme song makes me feel like a badass even though it definitely shouldn't.

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